When compassionate Canadian traveler Meagan Penman discovered this poor pup dragging his paralyzed legs along a beach in Thailand, she knew she had to help, no matter the cost. Thus began the beautiful and hopeful story of Leo the puppy, a paraplegic stray who was brought to Canada and found a new loving home there.

By the anonymous rescuer’s estimates, hey might not have survived another month on his own. When no rescues in Thailand would take him, she knew she had to take him home. For more about this touching story, read on below!

More info: Facebook | youcaring.com (h/t: Meaags)

“I found this little guy on a beach in Thailand dragging his paralyzed body around”

“He would have been dead within the month if I hadn’t moved him,” wrote Meagan Penman

“I couldn’t find any rescues in Thailand to take him so I decided to bring him back to Canada”

Here, Leo’s waiting for treatment at a Thai vet’s office

Leo has a broken spine and will never walk again

“Two months later and ready to leave!”

Here he is in his new temporary home!

Because of the vet expenses, Meagan needed to find him a new forever home

With those puppy eyes, it shouldn’t take long

Leo also had operations for various problems with his urinary tract

Leo will need to wear diapers like these until his urinary problems are fixed

Jamie, pictured here with Leo, agreed to become his foster mom!

“Leo is finally able to walk again with the help of a wheelchair. He loves it!”

To help support Leo’s vet care, please donate to his youcaring.com campaign!