Even a preview of this video is enough to give you chills. Recently shared by the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, the terrifying footage shows a black panther pouncing on a seemingly unaware man. Just when your heart is about to stop, the foundation’s owner Eduardo Serio turns back to the panther and the two… start goofing around! The panther, named Kal-El, even gives him a cheeky kiss!

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Apparently, this is the usual routine for Serio, as he’s taking care of hundreds of big rescue cats at this sanctuary in Mexico. Serio saves his ‘babies’ from wild animal breeders and lets them roam freely and safely in his 30 acres foundation which he plans to expand to “hundreds, more likely thousands, of acres.”

“Animals are not something to be owned as property,” the foundation’s website states. “They are living beings, just like you and me, and should be treated accordingly. We rescue animals from circumstances forced upon them by this cruel world and give them the closest thing to the life that they deserve. We will not send them back into the wild, because they were never there in the first place and their chances of survival in an unfamiliar ambient would be low.”

More info: blackjaguarwhitetiger.org | Instagram | Facebook (h/t: dailymail)

This guy named Eduardo Serio saves big cats from breeders

Recently posted terrifying footage shows a black panther pouncing on a seemingly unaware Serio

Suddenly Serio realizes what’s coming and turns back to the panther…

…to get a cheeky kiss!

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