Bored panda is not bored with Panda Revolution.

Besides the Samurai Cat series (, Panda revolution is another series I’ve been creating since 2008. This series is mostly influenced by Propaganda or Classic artwork.

The popularity of this series has generated advertisement opportunities which saw my artwork being displayed at international airports. It has also inspired knocked off products of my artworks being sold worldwide.

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Panda revolution I

Inspired by the Poster of Chinese Cultural Revolution era

Panda Revolution XXXI

Panda Revolution 31 – The Last Odyssey

Inspired by The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

Panda Revolution XV

Panda Revolution 15 – Victory to the Panda Revolution

Inspired by China Propaganda poster.

Panda Revolution EXTRA 3

Panda Revolution Extra 3 – Pantoo flash 2

Inspired by the tattoo(s) of Norman Keith Collins ( better known as Sailor Jerry) and a continuous of my pantoo series.

*Pantoo= Panda plus Tattoo

Panda Revolution X2

Panda Revolution 10B – Keep us flying

Inspired by American Propaganda Poster.

Panda Revolution XXIX

Panda Revolution 29 – King of the Sea

Inspired by the tattoo of Norman Keith Collins ( better known as Sailor Jerry) and one of my favourite animation.

Panda Revolution EXTRA

Panda Revolution Extra – I want you to join the Revolution

I guess everyone know where this is inspired from….

Panda Revolution XXIII

Panda Revolution 23 -Okay Panda Propaganda

Inspired by China propaganda poster and “obey” poster

Panda revolution III

Panda revolution 3 – Flags Of Their Fathers

Inspired by the Chinese Cultural Revolution era and the “Flags of our Fathers” .

Panda Revolution XXX

Panda Revolution 30- The Little Panda(stronaut)

Inspired by The Little Prince (French: Le Petit Prince)

Panda Revolution VI

Panda Revolution 6 – Revolutionary Wave

Inspired by the Chinese Cultural Revolution era poster.

Panda Revolution IX

Panda Revolution 9 – Astro-life

Inspired by Inspired by Soviet Union’s Propaganda poster and a continuous of Panda Revolution 2 & 8.

Project Chengdu

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Project Chengdu

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