One of the most difficult obstacles I face is trying to verbalise what I feel. Throughout my life I’d struggled with anxiety and art making really helped me cope with it, instead of trying to fight it. I wanted to find out that if anxiety had a body and personality, how would it look? How would it talk? What would it say? What would it care about?

I also wanted to find an expression for what my body, and my life look like under the grip of anxiety. In small steps, my anxiety started to reveal itself on paper.

When I feel anxious, I freeze and the whole world around me is dancing frantically

overcoming anxiety takes very little steps…

The underlying anger & anxiety

Anxious carer passing her anxiety onto her child

Finally, your rigid, no longer helpful parts of you give way to an open space of possibility

Is it possible to change how you relate to anxiety?

We move by standing still in acceptance