I was pretty much born with paint on my hands! Over the years I have pursued my passion for fine arts through many avenues, but it was around three years ago that I discovered the joy of working with ceramic plates and porcelain.

As the Resident Artist of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto, my hand-painted decorative plates made their original debut at TOCA, the Ritz’s signature eatery. Here they continue to serve the purpose of both the dinner plate function and intrigue; a plate at every setting of the 120-seat restaurant sparks both conversation and inspiration for future hyperrealism designs.

To date, I have painted these realistic drawings on over 1500 plates and counting, and my custom designs range from landscapes, portraits, animals, food, and everything in between. While my explorations in this unique art I call ‘plart’ are proving to be rewarding (painting custom plates for the A-list during the Toronto International Film Festival is a pretty wicked job perk, right?!), there is nothing more inspiring to me than bringing joy through cool drawings to clients all over the world!

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