Imagine biting into an eggplant and feeling raw egg run from your teeth through its brittle shell… Talented Japanese artist Hikaru Cho has made such a bizarre experience possible by misleadingly painting these food items to look like totally different food products.

Cho’s artwork is playful but well-done – her work with acrylic paint is hyper-realistic and convincing. Which makes things all the more amusing when she cuts or opens the actual food product underneath.

Given how talented she is, it’s hard to believe that Cho is only 19 years old! She was admitted to Murashino Art University in 2012 and has already completed work for several Japanese brands. This isn’t the first time that her artwork has gone viral either – her striking and twisted hyper-realistic body paint has been seen by many as well. This, and the rest of her artwork, is definitely worth checking out.

Hyper-realistic art has become fairly popular over the past few years. If you’d like to see some more excellent examples, be sure to check out Alexa Meade and our list of 40 incredible pieces of hyper-realistic art.

Source: (via: thisiscolossal)