Over 1500 students attend Troy High School in Ohio, and one anonymous student made it their mission to make sure not a single one felt lonely on Valentine's day. In a stunning act of kindness, the student prepared colourful origami hearts for all of their peers, and taped one to every locker lining the school's hallways. As a staff member described, "these are individually hand written origami hearts that this person started working on back in September. This person has been secretly storing them in their closet at home to surprise everyone today." Each valentine bore a simple message - "you are loved".

As it turns out, numerous high schools across the nation were similarly inspired to spread the love. Unidentified students decorated lockers with cards, lollipops, and empowering messages scrawled by hand on paper. In a world where kindness can sometimes seem faded beyond recognition, these young people proved that it doesn't take much to uplift those around you.

More info: Facebook (h/t: mymodernmet)

One anonymous student from Troy High School in Ohio made sure no one felt lonely on Valentine's day


The student hung over 1,500 colourful origami hearts all carying a simple but powerful message


This pupil was secretly making them since September


Numerous high schools across the nation were similarly inspired to spread the love:


Handmade Valentines

katrinatulloch Report

Lu 2 years ago

When I think of being in high school - young, impressionable, idealistic...these kinds of gestures really make a huge difference.

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Handmade Valentines

rsffalcons Report

catie kent 2 years ago

You know it's all sweet and cute till some kid gets there early and takes all the suckers!

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Handmade Valentines

DBoyd1958 Report

varwenea 2 years ago

Thank you lovely young ladies. Wish you the very best for the rest of your lives.

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Handmade Valentines

jessatripoli Report

Angelika Okotokro 2 years ago

And personalized, on top of it all - colour me very very impressed!


Handmade Valentines

CurtisB209 Report

Eric Baker 1 year ago

WOW - I am 57 now but can still remember the anxiety of Valentine's Day and if you would get a card or how many Vs the popular kids, this would have made such a difference then, I amy just do this in our local Senior Home next Feb to brighten everyone's day....Such beautiful thoughtful children to learn from!


Handmade Valentines

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Handmade Valentines

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Handmade Valentines

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Handmade Valentines

JonesJetsPride Report

JEFF THE KILLER 2 years ago

So thoughtful XD