Image a day if famous superheroes grew old, how would they look like? Superheroes are personalities in the fantasy world. I admire superheroes for their act of honesty, courage and kindness with preternatural force. And the question is what our favorite superheroes might look like when they aged. Have you ever wonder about this?

To answer all your questions, Alex Solis, an American street artist has portrayed famous superhero images like Ironman, Batman, Super Man, Hulk, Captain America… when they get older.

You can also check his Famous Characters Unmasked and Preditors Vs. Prey illustrations.

Big stomach of Capital American

Darth Vader had signs of old age

Ironman’s back bent with age

Spiderman is doing feebly trapeze

Wonder Woman

He-Man & Skeletor

Hoary age of Superman


Guess: Batman takes boom to kill the enemy or to commit a suicide?



Black Widow’s old wrinkled face

Thor hardly wields the hammer


Hulk look so bad in old age!

Mega Man

Ash & Pikachu