It’s a new kind of task manager which helps you to keep up with your schedule, become more organized and even have some fun with it! “To-Do” is a unique wooden accessory with chalkboard surface – all you need is to decide what’s important or just capture your thought and put it right on the wrist. Your goals and notes will always be in the eyesight and serve as a constant reminder and motivation for today.

We’ve created it in order that you could make notions of something that really matters by the easiest and quickest way possible. “To-Do” suits the needs of everyone in everyday life as well as on the workplace. It’s almost necessary gear for those who connected with creative industry. And the most important thing is that it really works!

It is made of natural wood and covered with chalkboard coating like a good old school board! It’s important to note that “To-Do” is produced from recycled wood without any harm to environment and the part of raised funds will go to planting of greenery.

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