It’s the template of almost every men’s fashion ad ever to be published; a handsome, sharply-dressed man flouts about glamorous settings while a submissive, fully or nearly naked woman fawns over him. Suistudio, a women’s suit-making company, is turning this tired old trope over on its head with their latest ad campaign, fittingly titled “Not Dressing Men.”

The titular name alludes not only to the fact that Suistudio’s sleek, timeless suits are produced exclusively for women, but also to the use of nude male models in their racy promotional photos. The images show various well-outfitted women in positions of power and dominance, while the men featured act as mere background scenery; as furniture. It’s a clever reversal of the sexist ideologies that seem to plague society at every turn, but it’s not going over well with absolutely everyone.

Some are accusing Suistudio vice president Kristina Barricelli and her advertising team of promoting the very forms of human objectification that they claim to abhor. According to an email sent to Upworthy, however, Barricelli describes her company’s work as a “call to viewers to reconsider the rigid gender roles reinforced through advertising over the years.” Scroll down to decide for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Women’s suit manufacturer Suistudio has got people talking with their latest ad campaign, Not Dressing Men

Drawing on sexist tropes from men’s fashion ads, the photos feature naked men as background scenery

Almost like furniture

The women, however, appear dominant and powerful, rather than submissive and vulnerable

In modern advertising, it’s usually the other way around

Suistudio vice president Kristina Barricelli wants viewers of the ads to see “rigid gender roles” differently…

But is objectification of a human, male or female, ever acceptable?

Some people definitely think not, and are calling it a step in the wrong direction for feminism

Others, however, positively received the message

A leap forward, or a severe blow back? Have your say in the comments below!