Becoming genuine friends with your neighbors is not meant for everyone, and that’s fine. But getting along, more or less, is something we all strive for, no matter how annoying, loud, or plain difficult the people next-door may be.

In some cases, passive aggression turns out to be too much. You see, the Imgur user soundguy has just posted a note his neighbor was mailed anonymously. And it’s not a thank-you card. Apparently, someone in the neighborhood got so mad at a woman who decorated her garage door, they spilled it in a lengthy, pretty nasty letter.

Others started wondering how come the anonymous sender could have been so unhappy as to allow something this minuscule to ruin their and others’ day. So let’s see the “infamous” door that caused the controversy down below, and be sure to leave your thoughts on dealing with passive-aggressive neighbors in the comments!

One Imgur user has shared this nasty letter his neighbor received from an anonymous source living in the area

Image credits: soundguy

And this is the “graffiti” which angered the anonymous neighbor

Image credits: soundguy

The people you live next door to can have a bigger impact on your overall well-being than we’d like to think. The problem is that you cannot really pick the neighbors you’re going to live with. Problematic people exist everywhere, and sometimes it’s only a question of time until you have to face one.

But it turns out, many Americans find this to be quite a big deal. A recent poll revealed that single-family homeowners would pay $157 extra a month, on average, to pick who lives next door. Similarly, apartment, condo, townhome, and duplex dwellers would be willing to pay $179 monthly, on average, for the same privilege.

Meanwhile, according to the 2015 City Observatory Report, only about 20 percent of Americans spent time regularly with the people living next to them. A third said they’ve never interacted with their neighbors. In comparison, a separate Pew Research Center survey from a decade ago revealed that 43 percent of Americans know most or all of their neighbors.

The decline can be attributed to the disappearance of the necessity to reach out and build bonds with people who live nearby. According to a report by Bloomberg City Lab, “One of the very things that led to this decline in neighborliness may be key to reversing the trend: technology.”

No wonder so many people were left confused about the whole situation