Nastya Vinokurova is a Ukrainian artist in Kiev who makes #picspocs – unusual but good-natured announcements that she sticks around the city. Among the thousands of job and real estate offers, the streets are decorated with her paper ads that offer passers-by the chance to tear off a piece of candy or a ridiculous animal.

It looks really great! Everybody can take a piece of good emotions away. Check out Anastasia’s creativity on her Facebook page.

More info:

“Bad day? Take any beaver away!”

“Summer heavy rain took you unawares? Take an umbrella (or the owl-scuba diver)”

“ Are you late? Don’t have any opportunity to drink a cup of coffee? Help yourself!”

“Dieting to lose weight for summer? Help yourself!”

“Feel sad? Take a dancing hogglet away !”

“Don’t have any time for shopping? Choose any dress right now!”

“Bad day? Take an owl”

“ Feel hot? Take a little refreshing penguin”

“Feel sad? Take a kitten away!”