Well hello, everyone… My name is Billy I am 8 days old, and I’ve had a very ruff day I went to see Dr. Heyns (My Doctor) … he got rid of my bad foot ” didn’t really need it ” I have 3 others

Aunt Paulette (Kitten cottage) took me home and bathed me and is feeding me from the bottle and lets me sleep close to her.

Dr. Heyns did an amazing job .. without this amazing Dr. I would not have a chance of surviving.

They have taken the lower part of my foot off at the joint and not at the bone so it’s less painful.


Here I am just after my operation with a pink bandage

My little foot is gone :(

This is me at the vet passed out while the op was taking place

My eyes are hardly opend and I need to be bottle fed

I am only 8 days old and all I know is pain