Krzysztof and I first met when he came to Tokyo to shoot a series of videos about Japan. We initially befriended each other as we had many mutual interests and similarities. With him making videos and my experience traveling, we quickly realized the benefit of our friendship. We decided to test our passions in a joint visit to the Ōkunoshima island and see what we can do together.

Ōkunoshima is famous for its abundance of bunnies. What captured our attention was the paradoxical twist of the island also being the base of a WWII poison gas factory. We decided to document this trip on the eerily beautiful island.

First thing you’ll notice are the bunnies

They’re very photogenic

Some are super chill

Most are usually sniffing for more food

They like to cuddle

Many are approachable

And sometimes they’ll even chase you

Surround you

Hop on you

Or guide you

Through the relics of history found throughout the island

A rather dark history

That was kept secret from the public for a long time

Pieces of the past are scattered throughout the island

Gases produced on Okunoshima were used in chemical warfare as much as 2,000 times

But today the island serves as a testament against war

You can visit the museum funded by those that want to bring awareness to the tragedies caused by this island’s past

And see signs of people uniting against warfare

I recommend you to visit this island!

Watch the full video here: