Herefordshire based artist Kate Kato created these life sized fly agaric mushrooms and fern from completely recycled materials including book pages, fabric, upholstery and wire. She used a demi-john and reclaimed wood to create the bell jar style display it sits in, like a little magical world. Her sculpture will be on display at the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham, UK from the 7th of May in the Prize Exhibition!

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A tiny woodland world growing inside a reclaimed demi-john bottle.

The fern leaves were each hand drawn and cut to create completely individual leaf shapes. They were then curled and attached to wire stems to keep their shape.

The Mushrooms caps were made from recycled cotton fabric which was painted and embroidered with fabric scraps.

The gills were cut from an old and broken book and attached to the wire stems.

To create the look of decaying matter on a woodland floor, various reclaimed fabrics such as cotton from an old skirt and chair upholstery were cut up and shredded into tiny fraying pieces.