Instagram movie poster mash-up man, Jaemy Choong, has come a long way since taking pictures of his friends and blending them into his quirky world of famous movie poster cards.

But he has also been compiling a set of shots with “models” who have been garnering a decent amount of following on his tremendously hilarious instagram. They are, of course, puppies.

There’s no doubt that everyone loves puppies and the Malaysian-based graphic designer has taken canine-loving to a whole new level of awesomeness (or weirdness, you decide). Using some of the most loved movie posters, he puts them together with some perfectly-timed shots of clueless dogs in the background and what you see is a mind-blowing animal-poster hybrid as a result.

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Jurassic World

Hachiko: A Dog’s Story


Dragon Wars


As Good As It Gets


Cats & Dogs

The Beach

Meet The Robinsons

10 000 BC