Being a parent is hard work and while raising a child, you become a teacher, a nurse, a psychologist, and many more things in one. To properly educate a child, parents have to use every bit of experience they have in life. Of course, nobody is perfect and sometimes parents don’t have answers to all children’s questions and they don’t always know what is the best decision in a certain situation or how to handle children when they’re misbehaving.

Seems like Twitter user @DrChaeEd has it all figured out, because people are really praising her. The mother posted a thread in which she wrote down a conversation she had with her daughter. People in the comments were applauding the mother for being gentle and teaching her child calmly how to control negative emotions. It all comes down to communication and trust between parents and children and learning along the way.

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This mother asked her daughter why she was unkind to her and it became a parenting lesson for all

Image credits: DrChaeEd

Dr. Chae is an educator who believes that knowledge transforms people’s lives and that it’s never too late to learn. She has coaching courses for teaching strategies and has a blog where she shares parenting tips. The parenting tips are not just theory, because Dr. Chae is also a mother and she likes to share her perspective about motherhood and conscious parenting on Twitter.

One of her Twitter threads went viral with more than 100k likes. In this thread, Dr. Chae said that her six-year-old daughter was being rude to her and she didn’t understand why. So she asked her daughter what was the matter. Since her daughter didn’t answer, she asked again, trying to explain to her child that she couldn’t make her happy if she didn’t know what was bothering her. And then the mother rephrased her question to “Why are you being unkind to me? What happened?”

Dr. Chae spoke with kindness and patience, which resulted in her daughter opening up

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Dr. Chae was encouraging her daughter to analyze her feelings and understand the roots of her behavior, which was not nice. But the child gave probably a very relatable answer to all of us: “I don’t know.” Sometimes emotions just take over and you can’t even explain why, and then comes regret of the things that were said or done.

Emotional intelligence is as important as academic education. Knowing the reasons of strong emotions can help to control them, adapt, and relieve stress. Not only that, but having emotional intelligence helps with empathizing with others, managing conflicts, and working with other people. Teaching this from a young age will help immensely, because children learn so fast even if they can define what they are learning.

Sometimes we aren’t conscious about what provokes our emotions, but to manage them, it is important to understand the reasons

Image credits: DrChaeEd

Image credits: DrChaeEd

The mother not only was helping her child to be aware of her emotions, but also confessed that she feels like that sometimes too. It’s a horrible feeling when you think that you’re alone in something you’re dealing with, so having reassurance from one of the most important figures in your life is really important. Moreover, you can ask for advice that will help solve your problem.

This time, the mother answered her daughter’s cry for help by advising her to not lash out, but to verbalize the state she is in and ask for some time to cool off until she is ready to talk. It’s really simple, but it needs to be said, because no one really knows how you are feeling and they can be not aware that they’re bothering you at that moment.

According to the mother, being the adult doesn’t mean showing your power over the child, but instead trying out a conversation like this one

Image credits: DrChaeEd

Image credits: DrChaeEd

Apparently, the child calmed down after practicing what to say when she’s feeling upset. What is more important, the mother gained her trust by not shouting or punishing her daughter, but at the same time teaching her a lesson so that the situation wouldn’t happen again.

People in the comments were impressed by this parenting and were telling her that they wished their parents would have done the same or that they’ll try to use this tactic for themselves.

Overall the thread received a positive response and people were applauding this mother for her parenting tactics

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