Sleep plays a vital role in human health and life in general. Therefore, beds nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, all to fit the specific needs of each individual.

There are single beds, twin beds, XL beds, full beds, queen and king-sized beds. Heck, there are even California king beds, which are apparently the biggest standard size of beds available today.

Well, step aside, all you twins and XLs, kings and queens, ‘cause there’s a new bed in town.

This mother got fed up with her husband and children hogging all of the bed space

Image credits: Natalie Pavitt

A mother of two, Natalie Pavitt, has recently begun making headlines because of her ingenious bed design. The woman was fed up with her husband and two daughters hogging all of the bed space, so instead of making a fuss about it, she decided to expand the available sleeping real estate with a mega-bed.

To end the relentless fight for territory in bed, Pavitt got a hold of a couple of double divan beds from Bed Center on Amazon, which included the divan bed bases, mattresses, and headboards. The total amount for the beds and the delivery amounted to £440.

So, she took matters into her own hands and bought 2 divan beds to make one huge megabed for 4 people

Image credits: Natalie Pavitt

The beds were then pushed together to make a mega-bed, reaching a whopping 9 feet in width. In context, that is enough to fit 4 average-sized adults. The beds are built in such a way that, when pushed together, they do not leave a gap between the beds for anyone to fall into.

Two king-sized duvets, 8 pillows, and two double sheets were also added to the mix. Sure, that means that someone will have to do a whole lot of bedding laundry, but think of all the comfort the bed will now provide with everyone having their own immense personal space.

Pavitt explained that a bed of the same size would amount to roughly £2,000 and would have to be custom-built. And the custom one doesn’t even have drawers, which the 2 divan ones do! So she has effectively saved herself £1,560 on a fresh new bed and has given the world a life-hack that it truly needed.

The bed extends 9 feet in width and provides all of the sleeping real estate any parent could ever want

Image credits: Natalie Pavitt

And hey, when you’re kids grow up and have their own rooms with their own beds, you’re gonna have all that bed real estate for yourself. A win-win situation.

The post went viral soon after Pavitt posted about her invention in a private group. People on the internet loved it, with many praising the idea and others sharing their own bed stories.

Have you done something like this as well? Or were you the kid that used to do it? Let us know in the comments section below!

A lot of people online loved this motherly life hack and even shared their own stories and experiences