Everyone hates people who don’t tip, and everyone hates people who have self-congratulatory reasons for not tipping even more. You’re not sticking it to the restaurant’s company policies or the US tipping system, only whichever poor person was unlucky enough to have to serve you for less than minimum wage that day.

That said, this has to be one of the biggest stretches someone has made for a reason as to why they think they’re above having to tip. Someone posted this picture of a receipt on which one such customer voiced her frustrations, complete with the favorite emoticon of passive-aggressive note-writers everywhere, =), that she didn’t get her entire bill comped as thanks for doing “the toughest job in the military”: being a military spouse.

Someone posted a picture of this angry rant on a receipt

We’re not sure if anyone’s pointed out that this receipt doesn’t have a signature line on it and states that she already paid… so at least we can take solace in the fact that she rightfully did get hit with the cost of those two glasses of wine that cost almost as much as the bottle retails for.

Commenters were appalled, but pointed out that this kind of behavior is sadly not uncommon among military spouses.

Commenters can’t believe the entitlement

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