9th of May is the official Day of Victory in Russia. On this day, 70 years ago, Nazi Germany officially surrendered to the Soviet and American states. Russia holds it as a national celebration each year, and this one was especially festive due the 70 year anniversary.

The grandiose military parade aside, there were very original ideas of the commemoration, one of which is the following. In the city of Irkutsk, Siberia, the show was done by two seals from the local aqua-park.

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Soldiers gave salutes to their “Commanding Officer”

The seals gave salutes and performed other military customs upon command.

Newest additions to the team – Laska and Whinnie the Pooh

Both seals were trained to hold AK rifles and wore the official military attire.

Holding the flag of the “SpetsNaz Baikal” unit

Crowned flag-bearers, the two heroes stood bravely, holding the symbol of their unit.

The two seals showed acrobatic abilities and physical strenght

Many acrobatic tricks and performances were displayed, along the patriotic show.

Russia’s best commandos showed how to hit the target every single time

The ultimate display of power was the target practice with 100% accurate hits using a rifle or knife.

There would be no parade without parade music

Thus, Laska (or Whinnie, no idea who is of them both) played some heartwarming national hits and anthems. (or just consecutive sounds)