Two things that we don’t expect to read in the same sentence are the words ‘virginity’ and ‘pizza.’ If you’re confused, welcome to our world, because we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw what Andrew Bellinger posted on his Twitter feed.

Andrew told the internet that back in middle school, he was ‘forced’ to sign a virginity card that doubled as a Domino’s Pizza coupon. That card was given instead of proper sex-education lessons. Yup, this is real and it’s making us question what timeline we’re in and how this is even possible. In what universe do people make others promise to remain virgins until they get married in exchange for the promise of pizza?

It’s technically not even free pizza! You have to buy one first to get a one-topping pizza for ‘free.’ Rephrasing one Twitter user’s thoughts, the offer should at least be free pizza for life to make us even consider this.

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Andrew told Twitter how he was ‘forced’ to sign a virginity card in school…

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…and the card’s also a Domino’s Pizza coupon as well

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Something similar happened in high school. Just without the pizza promotion

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Image credits: AndrewBellinger

Image credits: AndrewBellinger

Andrew’s story was so out-there and incredible that the internet went wild, with his initial post getting more than 300,000 likes (and counting). His story was also retweeted over 47,000 times and got more than 2,300 Twitter users commenting.

But that’s just the start. Andrew also explained that in high school they were also offered another virginity card to sign. However, this time, it wasn’t compulsory. Which was good news. The bad news was that there was no pizza promotion this time around. Wait, or was this good news as well?

Sex education (also known as abstinence education in some places) is a divisive topic in the United States. Some people believe that youngsters should refrain from intimacy until they’re in a stable relationship or are married. Others think that, in the end, it should be up to every individual to decide what’s best for them and not be pressured.

According to UNESCO, comprehensive sex ed is very important because it improves sexual health. UNESCO claims that sex education “does not increase sexual activity, sexual risk-taking behavior or STI/HIV infection rates” and also states that promoting abstinence backfires and, in fact, does nothing to reduce the “frequency of sex or reducing the number of sexual partners.”

Furthermore, UNESCO explains that sex ed should be ‘gender-focused,’ instead of ‘gender-blind’ because this reduced the number of unintended pregnancies, as well as STIs.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted to the story

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