While so many of us are trying our best to hold on to some parts of our pre-quarantine routines just to make ourselves feel normal despite having to stay home all the time, some of us have it harder than others. Elders are having an especially hard time since most highlights of their days, like socializing, bingo nights, and family visits have been taken away. But some traditions are too precious to be stopped even by quarantine. Therefore, one elderly gentleman went on a quest for 35 Hershey’s bars so he could share them with his wife in the evenings.

California-based real estate broker Richard Farmer recently shared a heartwarming story on his Facebook page

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While a lot of us nowadays are struggling to keep ourselves sane in light of the coronavirus lockdown, it’s a little bit more difficult for elderly people to keep up with their routines. After all, most of the activities elderly people are usually most looking forward to have now been put to a temporary halt.

A week ago, he was leaving his office when he spotted an elderly gentleman hitchhiking

After he stopped his car to ask if the elderly man was okay, he got a reply he never expected

Socializing is probably one of the most important things for the elderly. Therefore, it’s a real blow to have all the bingo nights, family visits, and tea with friends canceled. Some lucky ones at least still have a spouse they can talk to during these long days.

Turns out, the 93-year-old gentleman named Mike was trying to get to the 99-cent store 1.5 miles away

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After giving his car a good scrub and putting his face mask and gloves on, Richard drove Mike to the store

But, as it turns out, a nice conversation is not enough for everyone. For 93-year-old Mike and his 94-year-old wife Doris, sharing a Hershey’s bar every night is a crucial element to their routine and a tradition they’ve cherished for a long time.

On their way, Mike explained he and his 94-year-old wife Doris have a tradition of sharing a Hershey’s bar every night

Being the loving husband he is, Mike decided to surprise Doris and slipped away for a quest to buy the chocolate

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Therefore, Mr. Mike figured that it’s important to keep the tradition going even during such difficult times. And extreme times call for extreme measures. He slipped away from home without his wife noticing and headed for a street, where he raised up his thumb.

While Richard was moved by the elderly man’s gesture, he was also concerned about the safety of such trips

Richard gave him his card and asked Mike to call him next time he needs chocolate instead of going on a hitch-hiking adventure

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Luckily, he didn’t have to wait too long before real estate broker Richard Farmer picked him up on his way home from work. After carefully sanitizing the inside of his car, putting a face mask and gloves on, he drove Mike to the 99-cent store, just as he’d asked.

“I look forward to meeting Doris,” he added

Image credits: RichFarmer

After finding out the reason behind Mike’s quest, he handed the elderly man his card, said to call him whenever he needs more chocolate, and added he’s looking forward to meeting Doris. Not all heroes wear capes!