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I Create Fairytale-like Costumes From Scratch (part 2)
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I Create Fairytale-like Costumes From Scratch (part 2)


A witch, a pirate, and something inspired by the witch doctor from Diablo 3. Everything in these cool photos is handmade by me: headdresses, creative costumes, backdrops, photography, modeling, nails, makeup looks, etc. Creature-like things do take quite some time to create. I have to start from scratch, sculpt them, mold, cast, and paint.

I also made the photoshoot ideas come to life in my small bedroom underneath my attic window here in the Netherlands. I create the whole setup and on the photoshoot day, I do the makeup fitting for these fantasy characters, hair, styling, and photography.

A lot of people ask me if I use photoshop to create these photo ideas. No, I don’t, I don’t even know how it works. I do use an online program called “Ribbet”. I only add some filters and I do add some texture (like the smoke in the background).

I don’t work full-time as a makeup artist, however, this is my dream and I followed a 3-year makeup course in Amsterdam, so it’s about time I get a job. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find one in this industry here in the Netherlands. I work at a party shop at the moment. So in my spare time, I put a lot of time into creating and preparing cool costumes and backdrops for these shoots! You can check more of my works on the previous Bored Panda post.

More info: Facebook | Instagram


This one also took quite some time. I’m also the model in this picture. You don’t want to know how much stress these kind of photoshoots take. Here in the Netherlands (this picture was taken in the winter) when it’s winter it gets darker at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I don’t use any flashes for my photography so I have to get up very early and do the makeup, hair and styling. If it rains here, taking pictures is also useless. So yes, quite some stress going on in this picture.



model: Talitha floor. This picture took me quite some time to create. Herr frog first was a failure. Had to make a mold with silicone. I bought products for 80 euros for the frog, and it didn’t work out. so in the end I sculpted it from super sculpey. So sometimes I fail in things, but I always search for solutions.


I love this pic. I think this is my favorite so far. I’m also the model in this picture. I love the shrunken heads. Sfx things aren’t my specialty so I was excited that it all worked out as I wanted to! The best part was giving them piercings.

Christmas 2014


A bit older work from the last Christmas. I love designing wigs and this is one of my favorite models to do make-up on – Sterre Verhoeve. She has such a cute face, doesn’t she?



model: zoe spakman (my little sister). I love to get inspired by ancient Egypt. Most of the time my little sister doesn’t want to be the model but I kind of force her.

Female Predator

This was my final exam project. This isn’t the edited version. It doesn’t have filter on and was taken with mobile.


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