Old suitcases are difficult to use for actual traveling. But turning yours into a unique bedside table is easy! Look at this DIY tutorial to get to know how to make it step by step. Ready to start?

Material you need:
– old suitcase
– 4 wooden legs
– MDF board
– 4 screws
– jigsaw
– drill
– matching bit

More info: en.dawanda.com


This is what you need for the bedside table.

Draw Outline

Place the suitcase on the MDF board and draw its outline.

Marking the Legs

Place the legs (or the legs and frame) on the bottom of the suitcase and mark the spots where they will be attached.


With a suitable drill, make holes in the markings. I recommend using a drill half a size smaller than the screws for best results. If you are using wooden legs without a frame, you can drill directly into the legs.

Inserting the Board

Now gently insert the MDF board inside the suitcase.

Screwing Legs

Now screw on the legs from the outside, pressing firmly from the inside. Turn the suitcase around and you have your bedside table ready!

Suicase Table