As much as many of us wish to have a peaceful place we can call our home, in the 21st century it’s not that easy to find a beautiful, peaceful and comfortable place to stay that is within your budget. So, just like the most of us, people get used to living in loud neighborhoods and buildings with paper thin walls. And even though you might think you got used to it, there are some neighbors that just don’t understand that blasting music at 3 am is not okay. Telling them to turn it down a notch is not an easy task so one woman found the best way to kindly ask her neighbor to turn the music down.

Recently, theologian and writer Candice shared a letter on Twitter that quickly received a lot of attention

Here’s what the letter said

After she posted the letter, Candice tweeted some updates on the situation

But suddenly it seemed like the neighbor did get the memo

And then the two finally met each other!

Now their neighborly friendship has blossomed since both of them have some things in common