Former professional ballet dancer and photographer Jesús Chapa-Malacara has created a stunning project capturing the graceful and flowing movements of ballet dancers – all in a single photograph and without Photoshop.

Traditionally, photography is about the instant capture. Sometimes, a photographer keeps the shutter open longer, and a fun, beautiful blur is caught but the detail is lost. These photographs, done entirely with normal photography equipment and without any Photoshop trickery, capture both the awesome, crisp, clear lines of the incredible things ballet dancers can do with their bodies, and all the movement surrounding those “poses.”

“As dancers, we spend a lot of time thinking about all the movement in between the poses, sometimes even more than we think about the poses themselves” says Chapa-Malacara. Each photograph captures one “word” in ballet from beginning to end. The photos are the actual constituent parts of the ballet vocabulary, all the little details dancers spend years working to perfect.

Chapa-Malacara has also begun a Kickstarter campaign to take his project to the next level and expand it with even more dancers from different disciplines.

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Jomo – Handstand

Elina Miettinen – Renversé

Jenna Simon – Grand Jeté Developpé

Cassie Trenary – Retiré

Sterling Baca – Double Cabriole Derrière

Sean Stewart & Cassie Trenary – Grand Pas de Chat

Jenna Simon – Sauté en Ecarté en l’Air

Elina Miettinen – Échappé Sur le Pointes

Michaela DePrince – Pirouette

Michaela DePrince – Pirouette en Attitude

Sean Stewart – Pencil Turn

Jenna Simon – Sissone Fermé Croisé

Shay Bares – Pas de Basque

Sterling Baca – Entrechat Six