At this point, it goes without saying that Keanu Reeves is a good guy. But if you still need proof to believe it, he gave the ancillary profits from The Matrix sequels to the crew which reportedly netted them over US$40 million. Keanu, however, is also a lonely guy. The 54-year-old actor admitted it in an interview with The Jakarta Post.

UPDATE: As reported by The Huffington Post, the initial source that started all of this was apparently not even real in the first place. In a firmly worded statement, Reeves’ publicist confirmed the following: “This interview did not happen. This was pieced together from several interviews and the majority of these questions were not asked nor answered. They are fabricated.

In a recent interview, Keanu Reeves admitted he’s a ‘lonely guy’

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Obviously, The Matrix means a lot to you. How much like Neo are you?

He’s a better man than me but I try to live up to his values.

Which of his qualities do you particularly admire?

He was a beautiful man to play. I thought his love for Trinity was so pure. I really identified with it. Also, I loved his search for answers. He’s a strong positive, moral, and ethical man, doing the best he can.

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What does love mean to you?

You mean romantic love? You know, I’m the lonely guy. I don’t have anyone in my life. But if it does occur, I would respect and love the other person; hopefully, it’ll happen for me.


You describe yourself as a lonely guy. Are you content with that?

I don’t concern myself with it that much. I’m an actor, so in terms of what you’re asking about, I have no answer.

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You live in West Hollywood. Do people there respect your privacy? Can you walk around unnoticed?

My days are pretty normal. Of course, there are the tourist vans, they visit everybody’s homes. I come out in the morning and get my newspaper, and you’ll see them.

Sometimes you feel like an animal in a cage. But in Los Angeles, no one cares.

There’s definitely paparazzi chasing after you, but I don’t go out much, I don’t really do anything. I’m pretty boring.

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Immediately after the interview, his fans rushed to show him their love and support