Clap For Our Carers is a campaign that involves people all around the UK applauding National Health Service doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers on the front line of the coronavirus battle. An estimated 1.3 million Britons work for the NHS, for whom the nation comes together to show their support every Thursday.

Out of hundreds of thousands of people in the UK clapping for a morale boost to the NHS workers, this 2-year-old might be the cutest yet. Just like the rest of the nation, Eliza Stonebank is clapping to show support for the key workers, but she does this in style. So far, the toddler has rocked outfits of a nurse, surgeon, doctor, paramedic, and a supermarket worker, complete with a tiny trolley.

Every Thursday, just like hundreds of thousands of other Britons, this little girl goes out to clap for NHS workers

Image credits: Natalie Stonebank

2-year-old Eliza’s mom told Metro that the little girl has always loved playing dress-up. “The first one we did, she dressed up as a nurse in Imogen’s costume from when she was little,” her mom Natalie told Metro.

But she does this in style

Image credits: Natalie Stonebank

The adorable costumes that Eliza has worn were made with the help of her mom Natalie. The 2-year-old is always excited for Thursdays not only because she gets to play dress-up, but also stays up past her bedtime to take part in the clap with her the older siblings. “She usually goes to bed at 7 pm so it has become a thing for her, staying up late,” Eliza’s mom told the media.

As each week, the 2-year-old Eliza dresses up as a different key worker

Image credits: Natalie Stonebank

For the supermarket worker outfit, Eliza’s mom borrowed her eight-year-old son Oliver’s jumper. To complete the look, the staff at the local supermarket Sainsbury’s even donated one of their tabards, which was cut down to fit the little girl.

Including a paramedic, a supermarket worker, and a surgeon

Image credits: Natalie Stonebank

Eliza’s grandmother and Natalie’s mother, Sharon France, works as a hospice nurse and she was the one who inspired the fun dress-up games.

While the nurse costume was inspired by Eliza’s grandmother who’s a hospice nurse

Image credits: Natalie Stonebank

“My mum is a nurse at the Bolton Hospice so she was really dressed up as my mum the first week,” the little girl’s mom told the media.

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