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I Carve Little Sculptures Into The Tips Of Pencils
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I Carve Little Sculptures Into The Tips Of Pencils

My name is Tom Lynall and I carve small pencil sculptures for a hobby. I am from Birmingham, UK and have been a jeweler for 11 years. In November last year I was sitting in my workshop and picked a pencil and thought I’d carve a little heart into the tip, little did I know this would start me off on one of the most engrossing hobbies I have ever had.

I love art but I have never been able to draw so this is a good way for me to create things with the limitations of my skill. The main tool I use is the scalpel blade shown in the pictures as well as a few pins which I have altered the end of to give me different blades.

This is great fun to do so if you would like to give it a go the best advice I can give is to not get annoyed when they break, they are extremely fragile but once your done they are fantastically satisfying.

Hidden Village

This piece took about 25 hours to complete and nearly drove me crazy.

Size Comparison Next To My Scalpel

Village Under Moonlight

I also made it light up using a tiny LED.

Instagram Logo

Instagram is the best app I have ever found for finding artists.

Cyanide And Happiness

These always make me laugh so I did this.


Paintbrush And Palette

This was a gift for a very talent artist Erica Wexler who did me a commission.

Mario Mushroom

Zelda Items

I love the Zelda games so made this one. I actually dropped it after 4 hours and had to start again.

Red Heart

Rapunzel’s Hair From Her Tower


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