There’s nothing better than having a calm evening on your couch watching old Disney movies that bring back your precious childhood memories. One of the biggest and most beloved movies in Disney history is The Lion King that was released back in 1994 and had a huge role in the childhoods of ’80s and ’90s kids. What proves that this movie is definitely nothing less than iconic is the fact that Disney made around $1 billion from the products based on the film. Lion King is also 35th highest grossing film of all time. Now, Disney has decided to release a new live-action The Lion King movie and people are hyped, to say the least.

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50 days before the release of the new live-action The Lion King movie, Disney has decided to share 11 posters of the main characters

Alongside the pictures of every character, there are also names of the iconic celebrities that will voice them

The list includes famous people like Donald Glover who is an American actor, comedian, and performer who is mostly known for his music performances behind the stage name Childish Gambino and his hilarious stand-ups.

The movie will also feature Beyonce – her appearance in the movie sparked a rather well expected excitement since fans all across the globe know that Beyonce always delivers an outstanding performance no matter what she does.

James Earl Jones and Chiwetel Ejiofor will be the voices behind Mufasa and Scar. Many fans shared their opinion stating that Scar’s appearance in the movie definitely looks scary, some stated that he would have looked even better if he was portrayed as a black-mane lion since it suits his character very well.

Seth Rogan will be the voice behind Pumbaa. Many fans posted their concerns about the way Pumbaa is illustrated in the new movie. Those who remember this character from the original Lion King will say that his appearance was definitely changed to look scarier and more realistic. This type of portrayal wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some even dared to call it as controversial as the Game Of Thrones finale, proving it’s practically impossible to avoid Game Of Thrones references these days.

The new movie will be hyper-realistic since it was made using the same computer-animation and photorealism as the new movie, Jungle Book

The budget of the movie is still unknown to the public but it is believed to cost at least as much as the Jungle Book which cost Disney $177 million to make. When you compare it to the budget of the original Lion King that cost Disney $45 million, it’s quite obvious that we’re in for a cinematic treat.

The new Lion King is set to debut July 19, 2019, and it might be the most expensive Disney movie to-date

Of course, people jumped to state their opinions about the upcoming movie and everyone had very different opinions about it