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LEGO Christmas In A Galaxy Far Far Away
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LEGO Christmas In A Galaxy Far Far Away


Hey Guys! I wish you a Merry Christmas with these photos! This series is already the third collection of my LEGO photos. As you know the new Star Wars film came out a few days ago and Christmas will be in this week. So I have decided make a photo series with current themes. The result is: LEGO Christmas in a galaxy far far away. On these images you’re going to see our favourite characters, how they spend the holidays. The essence of these photos are the mood, and humour.

The images don’t include any Photoshop effect, except the texts! I built the whole scene for each photo, and the snow was salt, semolina etc. Sometimes I don’t know whether I take photos or cook… For the first time I publicate some werk photos, because I think these self-built scenes are really interesting or astounding.

Each photo took minimum 3 hours but sometimes I spent 5-6 hours with a picture. Finally, I hope that you will like it, and feel the Christmas mood or laugh on the scenes!

If you’re interested about my former series, you can find them here and here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Pandas!

More info: Facebook

Which Way? Before the intergalactic trip, Santa has a task in our planet

First stop: the Hoth

Ageless Fun: Dipping Our Friends In The Huge Snow!

Vader Was A Bad Guy This Year! So he didn’t get any presents…


The Imperial Snowman Is Coming! The walkers were washout

Someone Is On The Rooftop!

Instead Of T-45 Snowspeeder! After all… The ski is fast too!

A Calm Afternoon At The Master


Werk photo of “First Station: the Hoth”

I had to build the whole scene. It was the most difficult photo of the series. Because of collecting the ingredients and lighting the scene.

This photo was the opposite of the former image

On the other hand it was difficult too, because of the “snow”. I had to blew it up in comformity with the movement.



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