This is my new LEGO photo series. The fog, rain, smoke etc. is not a Photoshop effect on the images. I built the scene indoor, or chose a suitable place for example in a park. I squirted water or blew smoke if it necessary. There are three photos wich include a little Ps. effect because I couldn’t avoid it.

I have written these details to photos which include manipulation (Because the credibility and fairness are so important to me!). Pictures, where it’s not stated, don’t have any ps effects. The natural effects (like mud or smoke) are very complicated to make, because can’t be calculated what will happen. I spent many hours with each picture and the whole series took me more than a month to complete it. I hope that you will like it!

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Someone Is Waiting For Indiana…

Danger Of Rally

Do You Want A Cup Of Coffee?

Respect For Firefighters! (The smoke on the right is PS effect, because I couldn’t make levitating smoke in the street)

Temptation Of The Dark Side (This is pipe smoke)

Once… Maybe (The text is PS effect. I don’t wanted to paint house wall)

Hello Autumn!

Start At Night (The beacons are PS effects)

Let’s Go!

Lord Vader Doesn’t Understand The Essence Of Fair Play

After The Crash. Take It Easy, The Crew Are Okey!

And Finally… A Game! Find The Lego Figure!