With the odds stacked against you and everyone bringing you down, giving up seems tempting. But not for Phoebe. This Australian has been going through a lot while chasing her academic dreams, and she refused to let them go, embracing every difficulty life threw at her.

“Unfortunately I was bullied relentlessly for years,” Phoebe writes. “I just try use it as motivation.” She was shamed for being “too stupid” and being diagnosed with Dyslexia (a reading disorder), Dyscalculia (a difficulty in understanding numbers), dysgraphia (a deficiency in the ability to write), and ADHD (problems paying attention) surely didn’t help either. “Sadly, due to the harassment at school, I was too nervous to ever put people on blast or stand up for myself.”

Today, however, she doesn’t have to. The results of her persistent hard work are speaking for themselves. But don’t take my word for it. Scroll down to read Phoebe’s inspiring story she wrote herself!

One Australian girl has decided to shut down her bullies with hard work and here’s how it turned out

Mandatory selfie with the diploma for the books

Celebrating Phoebe’s achievement, people were relating to her heartwarming story