The internet has proven time and time again that it will love any and all adorable cats, regardless of all of those claims that felines are jerks because of their dislike of random objects on tables that they are sitting on, their relentless indecision on whether to be inside or outside and the like.

Lasagna is a tabby cat that has recently become internet famous for being an adorable chonk who was abandoned and needed a new fur-ever home. Well, good news: the cute cat has recently found a forever home with a lovely family.

Meet Lasagna, a 5 y.o. chonk who was recently abandoned near a Philadelphia animal shelter

Image credits: ACCTPhilly

Meet Lasagna, the 5-year-old huge cat who was recently abandoned in Hunting Park, near the ACCT Philly shelter operating in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The seemingly domestic short-hair was soon rescued by the shelter and weighed—staff were surprised to see the arrow pointing at 29.5 pounds (13.15 kilos) on the scale!

In context, 29.5 pounds is the average weight of a three-year-old toddler, a small pit bull dog, or nearly a hundred baseballs.

When she was rescued, she weighed 29.5 pounds—4 times more than what’s considered healthy

Image credits: ACCTPhilly

Image credits: ACCTPhilly

She was soon named Lasagna—quite appropriately after the favorite dish of Garfield, the lovable orange tabby from Jim Davis’ comic strips.

It is not known how Lasagna grew to be so big, but the most common cause is too much food and not enough exercise, though weight gain can also be caused by neutering and even genetics.

The animal shelter explained that Lasagna is a very sweet, friendly, and confident cat who enjoys belly rubs. As soon as the shelter took her in, they put her on a special cat diet as her weight was out of control.

Lasagna is the name the shelter gave her—after the famous orange cat Garfield’s favorite dish

Image credits: ACCTPhilly

Image credits: ACCTPhilly

A cat of such caliber should weigh no more than 8 pounds (3.6 kilos), but Lasagna is nearly 4 times that number. If left untreated, this might lead to further issues, like heart disease and diabetes.

Because of this, Lasagna is already having joint troubles and has a hard time grooming herself unassisted. So, if she was to be adopted, it would have to be by someone willing to actively take on weight loss and keeping a healthy diet.

Pictures and a video of Lasagna were soon shared on ACCT Philly’s Twitter and Facebook, urging people to adopt or foster the chonker. Little did they know that these posts would soon go viral.

Photos and video of the lovely chonk went viral online, garnering thousands of likes and views

Image credits: ACCTPhilly

Check out Lasagna in her pre-adoption video posted by the ACCT Philly shelter urging people to adopt

Video credits: ACCTPhilly

The shelter was soon bombarded with adoption offers. Apart from that, the story started making headlines, drawing even more attention towards Lasagna.

Given this, it wasn’t long until Lasagna was adopted. The Hammer family from New Jersey were chosen to become Lasagna’s new family, where she already felt comfy, as seen in the pictures.

Lasagna’s new forever home is with the Hammer family who’ll make sure she sticks to her weight loss program

Image credits: ACCT Philly

Image credits: ACCT Philly

Though it is unfortunate that Lasagna was found abandoned, without any way of knowing her true history and without a chance to even convince the previous owner to keep her with the shelter’s help, it is good that Lasagna found a forever home where she will continue striving for a healthy life by getting fit with the help of her new family.

ACCT Philly, the people behind Lasagna’s rescue, is the largest animal care and control service provider in the region and is responsible for over 3,200 animal fosters and 13,800 animal lives saved in 2019 alone. You can check out more of ACCT Philly’s activity on their website, Facebook, and Twitter and consider donating to help them ensure animals have homes and stay healthy.

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