A lot of jerks are only being jerks because they think they can get away with it and just need someone to cut them down to size. That’s why one Reddit user’s story of going above and beyond to make sure a scheming landlord got retribution is exactly the kind of success story we need to make the jerks of the world sleep with one eye open.

The story, posted in r/ProRevenge, starts when a couple decided to move out of their run-down attic after a flippant new landlord decided to almost double their rent. The landlord tried to get $80 out of them on the way out for some vague “cleaning” expenses, but they fought back, even when the disagreement ballooned to him taking their entire deposit.

That’s when a game of legal chicken started. According to the Reddit user’s story, it’s not cheap to take a case like this to the sheriff and most people aren’t willing to take the chance that it’ll pay off (presumably the same reason why jerks like “Jack” are able to keep jerking people around.) But they stuck to their principles, and pay off it did. Not only did the tenants get their entire deposit and their fees back, but Jack got a big, fat order to pay back the rest of the tenants who had reported him for doing the same thing in the past, but hadn’t pressed the issue after the fees scared them off. Not all heroes wear capes.

Image credits: Patrick Haney (Not the actual photo)

Someone shared a story of making sure this landlord got what was coming

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US housing services directory Porch conducted a survey of tenants and landlords in which they found that 24.8% of landlords admitted to keeping part of a security deposit that a tenant deserved! How many of them do you think do this because they’ve simply never had any consequences, and how many of them would think twice if they messed with a tenant who was prepared to get revenge?

Commenters commended the tenants for their dedication to getting justice