Getting a job is already as hard as it is, but in addition to constantly worrying about your financial state and what will happen if you don’t get the job you also have to suffer through those dreadful interviews. After all of this, there’s still the terrible period of time where you have no idea whether or not you impressed them and you just have to patiently wait to receive that wonderful call which basically states that from now on you’re going to spend the majority of your time working only to survive. All of this sounds absolutely terrible and along with being one of the worst experiences in an adult’s life, getting a job requires knowing unwritten social rules that give you an edge over the other applicants. If only we could be judged solely on our skills, what a dream.

Recently, an executive managing director wrote an article where she claimed she had only “one simple rule” when it comes to hiring people

In her article, she states:
“As a hiring manager, you should always expect a thank-you email, and you should never make an offer to someone who neglected to send one.” This post started a huge debate online about whether or not it is okay to judge someone based only on their social skills and knowledge of unwritten rules.

Even though a few people agreed with the article

The majority were absolutely furious about this rule

Many claimed that this was not only unfair for those who lack social skills but was also disrespectful to the candidate who dedicated their entire day for the interview. People believed that this type of thinking also belittles the candidate and their knowledge and the possible value they might bring to the company, all of this just because they didn’t send a thank you email.

Others were really interesting to know if the author herself sends a thank you email to every candidate