It’s easy to talk about honest business when you’ve never been a businessperson yourself or have never been exposed to all of the nuances of managing one. It surely is possible to develop a business that would be capable of generating millions of dollars (or more) in a given time span, or one that would be completely ethical from an employee’s perspective. However, this result is more of a trade-off rather than a fully compatible coexistence between the two.

Theresa Searcaigh, an Irish-American author of literary fantasy genre novels, posted a tweet asking the internet why billionaires like Jeff Bezos don’t use their wealth to start fixing things like helping homeless veterans and hungry children. According to her, “he could be Batman,” but it’s all “wasted.”

A woman asked why people like Jeff Bezos don’t impulsively start fixing things with their wealth

Image credits: Theresa Searcaigh (deleted)

A Tumblr user by the nickname of olivesawl posted a response to this, explaining how people who do business with a mindset of using their profits to further humanity don’t really become people like Bezos.

He continued telling a story about his dad, a businessman of 35 years, who had a business that was profitable, but it did not really expand. And the underlying reason was that it is nearly impossible to do business this way without climbing on someone’s back. He elaborates on this in the pictures below.

A Tumblr user ventured to give a little bit of perspective

Image credits: olivesawl

Olivesawl told a story of how his dad saw and did business, not trying to take advantage of the people involved in it. He never waited to be a good human being when it came to business, always choosing his employees’ health over profits and going to such lengths as to dock his own salary in order to make sure his employees’ needs and securities were met. And he was proud of it.

Another user, earlgreytea86, added to this by also talking about his own father, and how this same decision led their family to living a good and successful life and how they don’t need to be billionaires to do good in life through their business.

Another Tumblrer joined in, expanding upon olivesawl’s story

Image credits: earlgreytea68

While for some this was a mind-blowing reality check, many online were already aware of this, sharing their own stories and thoughts about business. The reblog was a success on Tumblr, garnering over 63,000 notes, but it also found its way to Imgur recently, where it gathered over 188,000 views in under a day.

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