Jason Momoa is Ozzy Osbourne. Or is it the other way around? Fans of Momoa and the Prince of Darkness alike can’t handle the concentrated awesomeness in Osbourne’s promotional clip for his latest album, Ordinary Man. (If that isn’t the most metal album name ever, I don’t know what is.)

In the teaser video, Khal Drogo Aquaman Conan the Barbarian Momoa steps into Ozzy’s shoes (and cowl) as he lip-syncs the brand new Scary Little Green Men song. If you haven’t listened to the full song yet, I heartily recommend it. I’ve never been a huge Osbourne fan, but the song might have just changed my mind about the singer. I’m not sure how I’ll have to tell my parents.

Scroll down for the full video featuring Momoa and let us know in the comments if you think the Hollywood actor makes a good Prince of Darkness.

Ozzy Osbourne recently released his newest album

Image credits: OzzyOsbourne

The promotional clip has Jason Momoa stepping into the Prince of Darkness’ shoes

It’s only fitting that Osbourne and his team approached renowned actor and muscle-master Momoa—he’s a major metalhead.

In fact, Momoa previously said that Tool, Metallica, and Black Sabbath inspired him when playing his characters on-screen, including Aquaman.

“Aquaman’s pretty metal. I know no one thinks that, but Aquaman’s metal. I kind of build my characters off of metal songs. Conan The Barbarian was really heavy Pantera, I’d say Aquaman was probably mostly built out of Tool and Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All. Ticks and Leeches, if I want to get specific. There’s a lot of Sabbath in there too.”

What’s more, Momoa was at Slayer’s final show in Los Angeles, sang Pantera songs with heavy metal superstar Philip Anselmo, and even took death metal singing—scratch that, screaming—lessons from Oli Peters of Archspire.

The figure takes off its cowl and Jason Momoa reveals his face

Momoa lip-syncs Osbourne’s Scary Little Green Men

Momoa is a huge metalhead

Ozzy suffers from Parkinson’s disease and had to cancel his concert tour

Osbourne’s newest album came out on the 21st of February 2020. However, it’s release is slightly marred by the fact that Ozzy canceled his 2020 North American concert tour. The Prince of Darkness is currently engaged in battle with his inner demons (health issues, including Parkinson’s disease) and is seeking treatment in The Old World (Europe).

Bored Panda reached out to Parkinson’s, a UK-based charity that fights for better care, treatments, and quality of life for those affected by the disease. We spoke to Claire Bale, Head of Research and Engagement at the charity, to learn more about Parkinson’s disease, as well as to learn whether Osbourne will be able to continue his career.

“Everyone’s Parkinson’s is unique, so different combinations of medication, exercise and therapies will suit different people,” Bale told Bored Panda. “Medication can be incredibly effective in helping people manage their symptoms, but current treatments cannot slow, stop or reverse Parkinson’s and also come with serious side effects. That’s why Parkinson’s UK is striving to find new and better treatments for the 145,000 people living with the condition in the UK.”

“We’re currently funding more than 40 research projects into Parkinson’s. Every project works towards delivering better treatments and one day a cure. For example, recent research has shown that 2.5 hours of vigorous exercise each week can be as effective at controlling symptoms as medication.”

According to Bale, “The last big breakthrough in the treatment of Parkinson’s came through Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). The process involves electrodes placed into the brain that, when switched on, can help with some of the movement symptoms of Parkinson’s. Our research has helped demonstrate the life-changing benefits this surgical therapy can have and now approximately 300 people with Parkinson’s have DBS in the UK every year.”

“However, DBS is not a cure and it isn’t suitable for everyone. That’s why we’re driving forward pioneering research to develop new and better treatments. We were the majority funder of the recent groundbreaking clinical trial of GDNF: an experimental drug that was delivered directly to the brain via a revolutionary delivery system designed specifically for the task. And we’re funding a new study exploring the potential of cannabidiol, a chemical derived from cannabis, for treating the terrifying hallucinations that many with Parkinson’s experience at some point with the condition.”

Looking for a cure for Parkinson’s

The charity’s ultimate goal is to find a cure for the disease. Bale told us that they “won’t stop” until they achieve this.

“A cure would mean that people could live entirely free from the condition. But because Parkinson’s varies so much from person to person, there may not be a single ‘cure.’ Instead, we may need a range of different therapies that can be used in combination to meet the needs of the individual and their specific form of the condition. In the past 50 years, we’ve made vital discoveries that have revolutionized our understanding of Parkinson’s and the brain. Armed with this hard-won knowledge, we now believe the science is ready for us to develop the new treatments and cure that people with Parkinson’s so desperately need.”

But what are the chances that Osbourne will be able to continue his career? According to Bale, “Parkinson’s affects everyone differently, and many people with Parkinson’s are able to continue working for many years, depending on the type of job they have and how their symptoms progress. We hope Ozzy will be entertaining us for many years to come.”

She added: “Parkinson’s is what happens when the brain cells that make dopamine start to die. It can affect anyone at any age. There are over 40 symptoms, from tremors and pain to anxiety. It gets worse over time and there’s no cure yet.”

Fans couldn’t handle the amount of awesomeness in Ozzy and Momoa’s video