Nobody is safe on the internet. Even Jason Momoa, the famous actor who’s hot bod looks like it’s been genetically engineered to make other men feel inferior, is a victim of body shaming. Internet trolls started attacking the 39-year-old Aquaman star on social media after someone leaked a shirtless photo of him. Luckily, not everyone is so pitiful. As the hate grew, more and more people stood up to defend their beloved star. Beer belly or dad bod, the fans, and other decent human beings stood up against criticizing the body image of other people and we cheer for those who did. No matter the weight gain, we still think that Jason Momoa is one of the best-looking dudes out there.

Recently, a shirtless photo of Jason Momoa  from his vacation in Venice appeared on the internet

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And internet trolls started body-shaming the 39-year-old actor

Jason himself seems completely unfazed by the whole ordeal and is sharing his own vacation pics

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It looks like the actor is facing the same problem as his colleague, DC-star Henry Cavill. Cavill, who got to play the Superman, has talked quite a few times about the ridiculously high expectations that came along with the superpowers. “There’s a blessing in being Superman. You get more attention. But there’s also a curse, which is that you’d better … look like Superman any time you need to get your kit off,” he told The Guardian. “You have your dark moments when you go on the internet forums. You’re peeking behind the curtain. You wonder, ‘What are people saying about me? Oh, that’s nice. Oh, how lovely.’ But then you find one that isn’t. One that says you’re only in a relationship to raise your profile, or to prove you’re not gay. You think, ‘Why are they being so nasty?’ Then you start shaping your behavior around the comments, and that’s not OK. That’s not healthy.”

But people weren’t having it

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