This year FIFA World Cup, hosted in Russia, gathered many fans to support their teams. Football fans are known for their loud victory celebrations, that sometimes gets a bit out of hand. However, some fans are being praised not for their eager support and dedication to their teams, but their respectful behavior. After Japan’s historic victory against Columbia, Japanese fans stayed in the stadium to celebrate by cleaning up the mess. Equipped with plastic bags several fans were picking up the trash.

Japanese behavior was soon picked up by other supporters. After Senegal’s stunning win against Poland, Senegalese fans stayed and cleaned the mess.

It seems that football victories inspire people to do good. Hopefully, even more fans will pick up this nice gesture!

Japan’s historic win against Colombia prompted Japanese fans to celebrate

Image credits: Indy Football

However, Japanese decided to stay after the match for an exemplary reason

Equipped with plastic bags several fans were picking up the trash

Image credits: globoesportecom

Senegal also celebrated a stunning win against Poland

Image credits: Team FA

After the match, Senegalese stayed to clean the mess too

Hopefully, this nice gesture will inspire others to do the same!

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