I am Marius Tudor, a 31-year-old professional photographer from Romania. I love people and continuously look for good light, right timing, and emotions to show their best side. Since 2010, wedding photography has been one of the things that I cannot live and breathe without.

I believe that my work demands a strong dedication to quality and deep understanding of each bride and groom needs. Coming from a journalism side, I try not to interfere with my client actions, and I like to be as discreet as I can. I also love the good looking portraits and formals.

Besides weddings, I love to do street photography, and I try to attend many public events and unusual international days that take place in my city, Bucharest. Pillow Fight Day is one of the events I loved to snapshot because there was a lot of action, a lot of fun and many beautiful people. I am inspired by taking cool photos of non-conformist, enthusiastic, and happy people. Bucharest’s bustle and my clients’ joy keep my work alive.

More info: mariustudor.com