Here at Bored Panda, there are several things that we love probably more than anything else in the whole wide world: delicious bamboo, cute dogs, and fluffy cats. Now, this list of our favorite things might not be final, but one thing’s for sure—our feline overlords are meowing non-stop that it’s about time that they were in the spotlight again.

So today we’re featuring tons of cool, interesting, and meowgnificent facts about cats, as presented by the UnHide TikTok channel. In a riveting five-part video series, a member of the UnHide collective went in-depth into the world of cats that might surprise even you Pandas who already probably have a Major in Graceful Floof Studies (and a Minor in Internet Memes).

And be sure to read on for Bored Panda’s insightful interview about cats and how to keep them healthy with the PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity!

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In a viral 5-part TikTok video series, the UnHide channel shared a whole bunch of cool and interesting facts about cats!

Here’s the very first video. You can watch it in full right here

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UnHide is on a mission to protect all the animals that lose their lives for the sake of fashion every year in America. “We are on a mission to ban the sale of real fur in the United States,” they explain.

As part of that mission, they upload incredibly informative videos over on TikTok in order to get more people to care about the animal kingdom. After all, the more we learn about something, the more likely we are to empathize with the cause. Best case scenario? We’re inspired to do something about it and change the world for the better. Worst case scenario? We educate ourselves and learn something new by looking at videos of cute animals.

In the second video, UnHide went into detail about purring, grooming, and other cat behaviors

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In the third video, the TikToker went into even more detail about purring and how plenty of cats should actually avoid milk

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Meanwhile, the fourth video was all about some of the… stranger and more unsavory parts of a cat biology

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While the fifth and final video answered a bunch of other questions, including why cats like to sit on top of us

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Nina Downing, a vet nurse working with the PDSA, told Bored Panda about how we can encourage our cats to exercise more. After all, this makes them healthier, happier, and they can make our lives wonderful for many more years to come.

According to vet nurse Nina, the very best way to encourage our cats to exercise and move more is by appealing to the more playful aspects of their character.

“The best way to get cats exercising is through play, and this is a great tactic for owners to spend time with their pets and express their love for them,” she said that playtime isn’t just about exercise but also about us bonding with our pets by simply spending more time engaging them.

However, some cats, especially overweight chonks, can be extremely lazy and won’t budge much on their own accord. That’s where a bit (or rather a lot) of patient help from the owner can help them get their health back in order.

“Cats often need encouragement to exercise, especially if they are overweight, as they can lose interest in play,” PDSA vet nurse Nina pointed out that one indication that your cat might be having issues with its health is to look at its relationship with playtime.

“As cats gain weight, their behavior changes gradually over time, which can be hard for owners to recognize—they don’t want to get up and play, they like sleeping a lot, they’ve stopped jumping up on furniture, they’re slowing down due to their age,’” the pet health expert shared what some cat owners say about their floofy felines.

However, some of these comments that Nina has heard in pet weight clinics over the years aren’t just comments—they’re a justification for the lack of physical activity of their pets. “When in fact it is the excess weight which is making them unwilling to move as it’s too much effort,” the vet nurse said.

Here’s what some people have been saying about the educational cat videos by UnHide

So there you go, dear Pandas, we hope that you’ve learned a lot of interesting new facts about cats, their behavior, and how playtime can be a good way to get our cattos into shape. Share your own cat facts below with everyone if you’ve got any additional ones!