In my opinion, every kind of art is beautiful. When people find another way to express feelings and emotions, they can show us how they see from inside, from the heart – this world where we live in. Sometimes we don’t need words to say something.

We are nearly the same, I think. Everybody have problems, fears, worries. But if people are dancing, singing, drawing… or just smiling, these are the hopes, for everything can be alright. You don’t have to be talented at something. Just enjoy it! In every creation, our mind can fly, we can be free without any compromise. This is the reason why I also like to paint.

I would like to share with you through my pictures, how important is the passion in our lives. The passion in your life is the respect for yourself and the submission for your work. You can also find my other series here.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul,” Martha Graham.

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