It is never easy to say goodbye to someone we love. However, it is even more complicated to accept death if this person is a child. Matt Sooter’s 4-year-old daughter, named Adalynn, had terminal cancer and was soon to die. The family was devastated, but especially Brother Jackson, who would lose his lifemate. When the girl was already hospitalized, the American caught the son saying goodbye to his sister. Now, the image is going around the world.

“A boy should not have to say goodbye to his accomplice, to his playmate, to his best friend, to his mana. This is not how it should be, but this is the world we live in, “said the father in the Facebook posting, adding the daughter was getting worse every day. “She can no longer eat or swallow without difficulty, and sleeps most of the day. He probably does not have much time left. “

Shortly after posting the moving image, Matt returned to Facebook, this time to announce that his daughter was no longer in this world. “About 1am in the morning, our little girl received the miraculous cure for which we prayed for so long, and ran into the arms of Jesus,” said the father. “She moved from this life to the next in the way she lived: stubbornly, but also peacefully and surrounded by family. All this happened faster than we expected, but it’s a blessing because she suffered little in the end. “

Little Adalynn was diagnosed with brain stem cancer in November 2016. Unfortunately, the tumor was inoperable. The parents began to notice that the girl had trouble walking, and they decided to go to the doctor … that’s how they discovered the terrible disease. “As soon as doctors discovered it was brain stem cancer, they basically said ‘take your time because she’s going to die,'” said Adalynn’s grandmother, Ann Sooter.

The initial treatment the girl did worked out. Radiation therapy eliminated the cancer cells, but the tumor returned again shortly thereafter. Desperate, the parents decided to go to Monterey, Mexico, to submit their daughter to an experimental treatment. However, the cancer was too aggressive, and continued to spread until it took the child’s life.

This type of aggressive tumor is rare, and mostly affects children between 5 and 9 years of age. Over time, it affects the heart, the vision, the breath, the ability to swallow and the balance.

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