My name is Mariusz Trubisz and I'm a 31 years old tattoo artist enjoing life in a city of Warsaw, Poland. I'm tattooing since 2009 and through all this years I was focused mostly on developing my techical tattooing skills and finding my own way to tell the stories through tattoos. My recent works are mostly based on an idea of a perfect symbiosis between the world of nature and us as human beings. I love connecting human and nature together to show how perfect these two worlds work together.

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I believe that also everyday life and pop-culture are shaping my ideas in a first place but I am also really into collage art, vintage erotic photography and the world of nature. Also music and literature are taking really important place in my everyday life. I am having grat fun tattooing pop-culture icons portraits incorporated with references that have shaped their works.

My main philosophy is to stay true to myself with everything I do. I find it really important to be 100% honest with my works as it gives me certainty that my future customers share the same sense of aesthetics as I do. Tattooing in a way is an energy exchange between me and my customers and I always try to make sure that both of us will get the best of it.


I'm Telling The Stories Of The Relationship Between Nature And Humans With My Tattoos


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