My name is Nidhi Chanani and I’m a freelance illustrator. When I decided to pursue art as a career I said repeatedly “I want to make people happy.” In the rush and rhythm of daily life I started to pause and capture these moments.

Each day is comprised of moments of love. Day by day the amount varies, sometimes its a kitty kiss or viewing a colorful sunset. Other days its sharing ice cream with my husband or a six hour chat with my best friend.

We are surrounded by distractions. Its easy to forget love. Love that travels from afar and love that has a home inside us. I see it in the faces of my friends, the animals around us, the warm embrace of my husband and my daughter’s smile.

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Reading Glasses

We Like The Same Songs

Good Morning

Coming Home


Pillow Fights



We Lived By The Ocean


We Dream

You Said You Didn’t Want Any

Never Let Me Go


A Lil Love

Road To Hana

The Last Dumpling

City Walks

Seattle Rain




Central Park

Dance Party

To Make You Feel My Love

A Little India

Crissy Field

Summer Nights


Tangled Up In You

Reading Together

Traveling With You

Love You Forever