Twitter is the perfect place for people to unite over TV shows, pop culture trends, viral photos, and now – skin pigmentation. Recently a twitterer Aaryn Whitely posted pictures of her wrist, alongside her friends, claiming that every woman has a mole or a freckle in the middle of their wrist.

To prove her theory she asked the rest of the internet about her hypothesis and the pictures of moles started rolling in. The ‘freckle challenge’ has since gone viral. Another user Cstar added to the freckle mystery tweeting, ‘Every girl has a freckle on their right wrist and or left boob.’ The question now remains, what is on your wrist? Is it a coincidence or some sort of pre-historic gang sign?

Twitter user Aaryn Whitely has gone viral for her claim that every woman has the same freckle in the center of their wrist

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And now women everywhere are sharing their own freckle photos

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Freckles are made from tiny clusters of concentrated melanized cells in the basal area of the skin’s epidermis. When exposed to sunlight, they can become darker and more visible, as the ultraviolet light (UV-B radiation) activates pigment-producing melanocytes to produce more melanin. This is the reason why freckles sometimes fade in the winter and darken in the summer.


Some of them were a little off center

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Others had perhaps more than one freckle but upon closer inspection

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Still had that distinct center freckle that stood out

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Some found that theirs were hiding on the inside of their wrist

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These girls posted a group pic to show freckle unity

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The facts behind this skin condition phenomenon are unknown, but speculation is that it could be due to where we are most likely to develop freckles on the whole. The face, hands, and upper arms are the parts of the body most frequently exposed to ultraviolet radiation. So, in general, these areas are more freckly than others. As for the wrist, it is extremely visible daily, even more so than the face!

People had fun with the tweet and added theories of their own