Originally I’m a painter (omrikoresh.com) but I wanted to do some photography, I’ve been taking friend’s portraits all the time and i thought why not make a big project.

I’m always obsessed with looking perfect and what is perfection in people’s eyes, eventually something happened and I just rolled with this photography series. I wanted to talk about the body, it’s perception, sexuality but I think overall, that the images speak for themselves.

More info: omrikoresh.com

Ofek Birenbaum

Shelly Skullington

Sofie Naro

Ivan Bobrikov

Shimrit Penner

Yudit Shekvitz

Oleg Gazman

Sapir Wolff

David Finchi


Alice mozaheva

Michal Fanta

Nina Sokolova

Sivan Birenbaum

Amit Bobrov

Topaz Arbell

Dor Moldawsky

Michal Kalinin

The Artist

Revital Borchov