These bronze coins were held in people hands more than 1600 years ago! And now I’m playing with them creating one of a kind jewelry pieces: rings, earrings, necklaces. That’s a lot of fun to imagine if someone after centuries will find my jewelry in archeological dig and will be surprised to see real Roman coins in that.

Juxtaposition of modern and ancient – the only thing that excites me in contemporary art.

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Ancient coin ring. I make gold setting purposely rough like if the ring was found in archeological dig

Authentic coin from 337-361 AD was used in this ring

Ancient coin earrings with gemstones. Modern look with true ancient detail

The back side of a coin is also visible

Everything is better when it is mismatched!

Long chain necklace. Roman bronze coin from 337-361 AD was used here, plus stunning champagne quartz, silver and gold

Latin quote says “Save the time”

Back side with visible coin reverse

Silver and gold coin ring. Here I used Roman coin from 347-348 AD