What’s more important: having a picture that simply confirms that you visited a special place? Or having one that reminds you of the feelings you had while looking at something incredible?

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As for me, the answer is obvious.

Every time I see something captivating, I do want a pic that will remind me about this moment – but I prefer to turn my back to the camera and enjoy the view in front of me. And afterwards relive this feeling every time I look at the photo.

I collect these pictures under the #backphototravel hashtag – seeing as I mostly find such inspiration while travelling. Here are some of my favorites.

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Sitges, Catalunya, Spain

Santorini island, Greece

Dresden, Germany

Paris, France

Prague, Czech Republic


Lviv, Ukraine

Budapest, Hungary

Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

Caesarea, Israel

Paris, France

A field, somewhere in Ukraine

Budapest, Hungary

Rodin Exhibition, Ukraine

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The museum of aviation, Kyiv, Ukraine

Lviv, Ukraine

Cherkassy, Ukraine

One can’t simply look at the camera when the world is calling